The Thrill of the Grill

Need some Grilling Inspiration?

Is the excitement of the first grilling of the season that we all felt in April when the snow melted wearing off for some people? I know it has for me…feel like summer is going way to fast….need to slow down and be outside enjoying nature instead of answering work emails or going on instagram?  

Our Current “Go To” outdoor meal is so easy and satisfying it doesn’t seem possible—- which is why I am calling it a “Grill Thrill”—I’m thrilled that I don’t have to marinate or skewer or plan ahead. Just thaw and go. Read this blog to see how your grill night compares to ours! And please share your ideas, I need inspiration too.

Meal #1- Halley Summer Grill Thrill

Step 1- Grill Prep- Start wood fire grill up to 1 hour ahead of time. If you don’t have a wood fired grill that’s ok. A fire pit and a “Tuscan Grill” to use in it will be amazing and economical!  While the fire is burning down prepare your burgers and sides. It won’t take an hour to prep the burgers and slaw so you’ll have an excuse to put your feet up and listen to your favorite tunes for a minute or two while the fire takes it’s time burning down to large coals. 

Step 2 A - Food Prep- Take your SWF Burger that has been thawed and broken into chunks, sprinkle with 2 tsp salt of your choice, 2 tsp garlic pepper( I’ve been using “Don Giovanni Gourmet Garlic Pepper Seasoning”). Mix the burger with the seasonings by hand and patty up 4 per pound for lighter appetites or 3 per pound for the average burger lover.

Step 2 B - Make your sides- My summer 2019 favorite- Cole Slaw. Use 1 small head organic cabbage and a few carrots, cut in to 1/4’s and put in the food processor with the grater attachment. Wish together 1/4 cup Greek Yogurt or Mayo, 3 TBS apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper to taste, add dressing to shredded cabbage in a large serving bowl and toss(serves 6-8)

Step 3 - Grill - Grill burgers about 8 min or to your liking over wood fire, top with Vermont Farmstead Cheese part way through “ Governor’s Cheddar” is our favorite. Serve on a Thomas English Muffin that has been split and warmed over the fire.  

Step 4 - Plate - Add condiments to hot burger- Garlic pickles-sliced thin voted best by “us” at supper night a month ago, or mushrooms and leeks (sautéed), spicy home made ketchup or pickled onions....slice the burger in half and eat. 

Meal # 2 Greens and Beef

 Slice one left over burger cut into 8ths and place it on a bed of farm fresh arugula or lettuce from the market, shave some parmesan cheese over the top, add whatever else you have in the fridge, like roasted veggies, tomatoes etc . Dress it and eat.  Perfect, easy, the Smokey flavor of the wood grilled burger is the best on the second day! Just keep it simple and your hunger will be banished.

Want Help Creating Healthy, Easy Meals for Your Family?

The first step is getting your hands on some amazing ingredients

Contact me to get started with delicious, clean and natural beef. Order your SWF burger in our online farm store or meet us in Woodstock, VT on the Green for “Market on the Green” on Wednesday July 3!

Order ahead if you would like a bulk package or are feeding a crowd over the holiday or during the summer, we’re almost always around, give a shout and we’ll get a package together for you and meet up or deliver. 

Thanks for being here. Until next time, Amy

Grilling pizza, pre burger night—here on the farm

Grilling pizza, pre burger night—here on the farm

Ahh…what you see can see when you’re grilling…

Ahh…what you see can see when you’re grilling…