We are raising Registered American Shorthorn Cattle. They have docile personalities and have amazing meat quality when finished on grass.

Meet our bull Red Perfecto, and his herd

Laying hens are always out and about

Laying hens are always out and about


Our philosophy is to be in harmony with nature.

Our animals are raised the way nature intended with freedom to roam the hills, drink spring water, bask in the sunshine and graze fresh pastures and romp in the snow and mud.

We try not to interfere, let nature do it’s job, we provide them with the best nutrition we can through our pasture management, we provide them with water and shelter and the rest is up to nature.We do not use chemicals in any part of our farming practices.

Our meat products are nutritious down to the last bite and will spice up your healthy lifestyle. Grassfed meats are packed with omega-3’s, antioxidants, CLA’s and other healthful compounds. I don’t want to lecture, just google the benefits of grassfed meat, and the evidence is all there!

Thanks for caring with us! If you want to meet the crew, schedule a farm visit!

Meat chickens in the barnyard

Meat chickens in the barnyard