Your Pastured Products: How to Buy


HOW TO BUY in 2 EASY STEPS: Beef is in Stock, Chickens in Stock, Eggs out of Stock

  1. You pre-order by paying online with a credit card or contact me and make arrangements to pay by cash or check. If you would like to sample our ground beef, contact me for a sample before you order.

  2. I will contact you the week before we receive products to make arrangements for a delivery or pick up in the Woodstock/Upper Valley NH area. If you want products shipped, we can work it out. . .After this the fun begins, YOU get your product and start enjoying it. We stay in touch over email, so that we can give each other cooking inspiration throughout the year.

Are you the “hunter-gatherer” of your family, the food shopper? Know someone else like this?

. . .who is budget minded and health conscious? You like the taste of grass-fed products and the “story” behind the food you eat, you love the idea of shopping local and keeping Vermont farms going for the next generation.

Refer a friend and when they purchase you get a FREE chicken!

You will be “buying ahead for the year” or “buying in bulk”, if you buy from SWF, so the price tag will seem high $400-1500 for 50-200 pounds of freezer ready beef cuts. If you do the math, and think about the useless trips the store you’ll miss, you’ll realize that over the course of the year you are saving so much $$ and cooking and meal planning is easier!

Worried about Freezer Space and Freshness? Common Questions

How much freezer space do I need? 1 cubic foot per 35-40 lb of beef is a good way to estimate. You can fit 50 lb in 2 full size brown paper bags or half the average refrigerator freezer. Chest freezers are an excellent choice. 7 CU ft freezers are around $200 and have a low operating cost and are a nice size. Imagine- 245 lb of frozen beef cuts or easily take 1/4 beef, some chickens, pork, veggies.

How long will it keep in my freezer? 12 months is the rule of thumb, but many meat items can be safely stored frozen for longer than that with the type of packaging we use (vacuum packed and cryovac sealed) with no signs of aging.

How is the quality when you thaw it out? Excellent, just like fresh beef you would get from a butcher. I blot steaks dry with a paper towel before using dry rubs, but other than that there is nothing extra to do. Thawing is easy, you can just put it in the refrigerator on a plate a day ahead or if you need to speed the process up use a cold water bath.

Excess Beef? Split with a Friend, Neighbor, Relative . . .GIFT it?

IF you don’t think you can cook up a 50 or 100 lb bundle over the year(Just 1-2 lbs per week!), split your bundle. We’ll give you a bonus chicken, just mention that you referred them. Don’t forget the Holiday’s are almost upon us. Just think edible gifts! We can’t wait to meet you.

We want you to walk away from buying products from our farm with a sense of local pride and a greater connection to nature and agriculture.

Still not ready to Buy?

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