It’s About Preserving our Health and Family Time

We all want to preserve our mental and physical health—don’t we? Especially with adorable little people surrounding us, we have to keep up with them! I hate to admit it but, I am looking for the fountain of youth at this point. Being proactive by eating fresh, whole foods like our grass raised meats and eggs (we buy our veggies, cheese and other staples from other local farmers), it makes me feel good.

For us, this all started 12 years ago. We “woke up and smelled the coffee”-big time! When we learned of the broad range of issues with animal welfare, sanitation, chemicals, GMO’s and antibiotics in our foods we were dumbfounded and frustrated.

In 2012, we figured out how to change our lifestyle and started a small diversified farm. After all, Ben did have a Master’s degree in Animal Science and Amy had spent the better part of life caring for horses and other animals in equestrian pursuits. It has given us opportunities to connect with nature and our animals, to have more family time, teach our kids important values and improve our health at the same time. After 6 years of farming, we’re forging ahead, living our dream and feeling healthy and happy.

Eat locally grown food like we do. Enjoy the health benefits and piece of mind.

Your purchases keep small farms sustainable and land in agricultural use

Thank you for being here with us.