Get Inspired! 3 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Food Shopping Routine

12 years ago I was expending way too much energy on food shopping—it wasn’t fun. As a practicing Physical Therapist, unfortunately I was had seen far too many examples of what can happen if you don’t take care of yourself over the years. After reading the Ominivore’s Dilema by Michael Pollan and watching the documentary by film maker Robert Kenner FOOD, Inc AND becoming pregnant, I was hormonal and horrified about the future of food systems in this country. I needed a plan to make the BEST food choices I could for my family.

I believed wholeheartedly that diet was a cornerstone to health. I was buying organic and natural foods, rotating between 3 stores in the Upper Valley. Trying to pull together the best quality food, for the best value and cooking from scratch. All that shopping and decision making was hard, time consuming and unfulfilling.

I was in a tough spot until my husband Ben came to the rescue. He bought a chest freezer with money we didn’t have, opened a Sears card and put it on a payment plan—I was horrified, what, another appliance, it is just going to cost more electricity to eat well, I thought, and the things that I buy at the store will be all freezer burnt by the time we get around to eating them.

Then he really shocked me by filling it up with MEAT—-he bought 1/4 cow, 1/2 pig, 1/2 lamb from our neighbors and friends and joined a CSA. We’ll never eat all of this I thought, this is over kill. Well, Ben took the reins and was the cook for a while and he amazed me. He would thaw out a few pieces of meat on the weekend and cook with them all week. Instead of gaining weight we both lost weight, didn’t wake up starving, didn’t crave carbs or my baked goods. I was sold.

So, get inspired and think about what buying and eating farm fresh products can do for you! I think they can do some amazing things for us as humans such as:

Boost YOUR Health: Cooking meals with locally sourced ingredients such as Second Wind Farm meats will save you time in the grocery store and the kitchen(I can show you how if you doubt this!)

Potential mental health benefits are numerous and related to the act of planning a meal or anticipation of amazing flavors, slowing down to actually cook a meal or the enjoyment of sharing excellent food with friends or family. Physical health benefits abound with increased with high quality protein and minerals, CLA’s etc from grass raised and finished meats.

INCREASE YOUR CONNECTION: Being part of our farm community by investing in our products does far more than support our farm(and give you an excuse to think about or experience Vermont hill farm life). It demonstrates that you are taking the initiative to decrease your carbon footprint, support local agriculture AND care about Vermont traditions such as living off the land.

FOLLOW TRADITION: Clearly, things have changed since Vermonter’s lived completely self sufficient lives(and I can’t say that we have made choices that enable us to do this right now), but together we can relive some of these traditions 2018 style! It always feels good to follow tradition.

Let’s try this together, challenge yourself to pick one product to buy this week that is direct from a farmer! I am going for raw milk! Kiss the Cow Farm has a great winter CSA. Take care and be in touch,

Warmly xoxx, Amy