April 4, 2019

Are you ready for some hands on farm fresh cooking tips?

Come Celebrate MUD Season and be a part of our

Who should come? Anyone interested in farm fresh food or cooking—please bring a friend!
When? Friday April 5, 2019, starting at 6 PM
Where? SWF Farmhouse, 667 Dunham Hill Road, just South of Woodstock
Why? Because you are curious, want to have some laughs, great conversations and because you love Second Wind Farm!
What to expect if you come?
1. Taste SWF beef, chicken and egg samples cooked in the Instant Pot
2. Watch an Instant Pot demo and try our Instant Pot for yourself!
3. Relax by the fire and enjoy the sunset with amazing food and drinks on a friday evening with fellow farm fresh food lovers 

***We would love to invite the whole family, but want this to be an excuse for those of you with kiddos to get some much needed adult time—on a Friday night when you deserve it most! We will be hosting on farm events this summer that are centered around the children!***

What is this SWF Supper Club?
No dues needed, and you don’t have to prepare, volunteer or purchase anything! It is an informal farm fresh food lovers group that we are organizing at SWF.  The Halley’s will hold seasonal meetings here at the farmhouse.  Meetings will be casual gatherings where we taste, sip and talk about cooking techiniques and homesteading related topics like—grilling, braising and slow cooking, cast iron cooking, canning and preserving home dairying, curing meats. If anyone has a topic or a desire to host, please let me know, this should be very informal, but informative, like a book group or knitting group, but focused on food.

This is SWF Instant Pot Ziti with meat sauce, cooked in less than 1 hour while we were attending a 3rd grade music celebration. So yummy, no water boiling on the stove, all in one POT and ready when you are!!